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Oct 31, 2023


Welcome to Eureka Hunting Safaris, your gateway to an extraordinary wildlife hunting experience in Namibia. Our team of experienced guides and staff are dedicated to providing you with the ultimate trophy hunting adventure, nestled in the heart of Africa.

Discover Namibia's Wildlife Hunting Ranges

With its diverse landscapes, Namibia showcases an abundance of wildlife species, making it a paradise for trophy hunters. At Eureka Hunting Safaris, we have carefully selected some of the finest hunting ranges in Namibia, allowing you to immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty and alluring challenges of African hunting.

1. Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park, located in northern Namibia, is renowned for its vast array of wildlife. It offers a unique opportunity to witness nature at its finest, making it an ideal hunting destination for experienced hunters and enthusiasts alike. With our expert guides, you can embark on a thrilling adventure and track down various trophy animals, including lion, elephant, leopard, and rhino.

2. Waterberg Plateau Park

Situated in central Namibia, the majestic Waterberg Plateau Park offers a diverse hunting experience. This natural wonderland is home to an array of species, ranging from kudu and impala to eland and zebra. As you explore the park, the picturesque landscapes and abundant wildlife will leave you mesmerized.

3. Caprivi Strip

If you seek an adventurous hunting expedition, the Caprivi Strip should be on your list. This unique region, nestled between Angola and Botswana, is a haven for hunters. With its dense woodlands and riverine habitats, you can pursue species such as buffalo, crocodile, hippo, and sable antelope. The Caprivi Strip offers an unparalleled hunting experience, allowing you to test your skills in a challenging environment.

Experience the Ultimate Trophy Hunting Adventure

At Eureka Hunting Safaris, we strive to provide you with an unparalleled hunting experience that combines adventure, luxury, and ethical hunting practices. Join our team of skilled professionals and embark on an unforgettable journey, where every detail is meticulously planned to ensure your satisfaction.

Unmatched Guided Hunting Expeditions

Our experienced guides possess an in-depth knowledge of the local wildlife and their habitats. With their expertise, they will take you on thrilling hunting expeditions, ensuring your safety and providing insights into the unique characteristics of each species.

Luxurious Accommodations

After a day filled with adventure, unwind in our luxurious lodges and camps, designed to provide you with the utmost comfort and relaxation. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the African bush while enjoying impeccable service and indulging in delicious cuisine.

Contribution to Conservation

At Eureka Hunting Safaris, we are dedicated to sustainable hunting practices and wildlife conservation. We work closely with local communities and conservation organizations to ensure that our hunting activities contribute to the preservation of species and their habitats. Your participation in our trophy hunting expeditions helps us support important conservation efforts in Namibia.

Unlock the Adventure Today

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling trophy hunting adventure in Namibia? Join us at Eureka Hunting Safaris and unlock the beauty of Namibia's wildlife hunting ranges. Contact us now to book your unforgettable hunting experience, tailored to your desires and preferences. Experience the thrill of the chase, the breathtaking landscapes, and the satisfaction of a successful hunt with Eureka Hunting Safaris.

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