Panhandle Transportation Group, Inc. Partners with One Tree Planted

Dec 4, 2019

About Panhandle Transportation Group, Inc.

Panhandle Transportation Group, Inc. is a leading provider of ground transportation services in the travel and tourism industry. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility, we strive to exceed expectations while making a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Our Partnership with One Tree Planted

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we are proud to announce our partnership with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization dedicated to global reforestation efforts. Through this collaboration, we aim to offset the environmental impact of our operations and contribute to a greener future.

Why Reforestation Matters

Deforestation is a major concern around the world, leading to habitat loss, increased greenhouse gas emissions, and damage to fragile ecosystems. By supporting reforestation projects, we can help reverse these detrimental effects and restore biodiversity while capturing carbon from the atmosphere.

How Your Transportation Choice Can Make a Difference

When you choose Panhandle Transportation Group, Inc. for your ground transportation needs, you are not only selecting a reliable and comfortable service, but you are also actively contributing to the reforestation efforts of One Tree Planted. By booking with us, a portion of your fare goes directly toward planting trees and supporting sustainable initiatives.

Our Sustainable Practices

1. Eco-Friendly Fleet

Our modern fleet of vehicles is regularly maintained to ensure optimal fuel efficiency and minimal emissions. By utilizing advanced technologies and adhering to eco-friendly practices, we reduce our carbon footprint and promote cleaner air quality.

2. Waste Reduction

We are committed to minimizing waste generation and promoting recycling throughout our operations. Our drivers and staff are trained to practice responsible waste management, creating a more sustainable and environmentally-conscious workplace.

3. Energy Conservation

At Panhandle Transportation Group, Inc., we prioritize energy conservation by implementing energy-efficient lighting systems at our facilities and encouraging our employees to adopt sustainable habits. By reducing our energy consumption, we contribute to a more sustainable future.

Book Your Ground Transportation with Cape Coral Airport Transportation

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, make a conscious choice to support sustainable travel. By booking your ground transportation with Cape Coral Airport Transportation, powered by Panhandle Transportation Group, Inc., you are not only ensuring a hassle-free journey but also actively participating in the reforestation initiatives of One Tree Planted.

Plan your trip today and discover a greener way to travel. Together, we can make a difference.


At Panhandle Transportation Group, Inc., we are proud to partner with One Tree Planted to promote sustainable travel and contribute to the restoration of our natural environment. By choosing our ground transportation services, you are playing an active role in preserving our planet for future generations. Join us in our mission to create a greener, healthier world by booking with Cape Coral Airport Transportation today.

Brian McKenna
Love seeing companies prioritize both customer satisfaction and the environment! 🌳🌍
Nov 12, 2023
Dae Kim
Great for the environment!
Nov 8, 2023
Deb Acres
Great initiative for sustainability!
Oct 18, 2023